Wormwood in Crohn's

Wormwood, that famous Artemisia known as a primary ingredient in absinthe, has long been used as a tonic for the digestive tract. New research points to its use in managing Crohn's disease, an inflammatory condition that generally manifests in the lower bowel. Steroids, which are sometimes used to treat this inflammation, can only be used for short periods of time (due to their myriad powerful side-effects), and patients usually suffer relapses after the steroids are tapered off. By adding wormwood to the treatment regimen:
"...there was a steady improvement in CD [Crohn's disease] symptoms in 18 patients (90%) who received wormwood in spite of tapering of steroids as shown by CDA-Index, IBDQ, HAMD, and VAS. After 8 weeks of treatment with wormwood there was almost complete remission of symptoms in 13 (65%) patients in this group as compared to none in the placebo group. This remission persisted till the end of the observation period that was week 20, and the addition of steroids was not necessary".

Wormwood is a powerful herb, and remarkably bitter. The dose is usually lower than average - about 30 drops of a 1:5 tincture, taken 2-3 times daily before food is what I usually recommend. If it were me, I would also combine it with a warming, carminative herb (like fennel seed) and a bit of a soothing demulcent/astringent (like meadowsweet, or even licorice) in a custom herbal formula.

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