Some sping tonic formulas for extraction

You can reference these herbs in a previous entry, which goes in to Spring roots, leaves, tonics and cleansing at length. Below are just some ideas on combinations.

1 ounce is almost 30 grams

extract in a pint / quart jar with about 15 ounces of alcohol

Dandelion root 30g

Burdock root 30g

Sarsaparilla 30g

Nettle 15g

Gentle revitalizer, especially if the skin gets dry and bothersome by the end of Winter

Dandelion root 15g

Spikendard root 15g

Echinacea root 40g

Wintergreen 7g

Mustard 13g

Enhance immunity and protect/reawaken the respiratory system

Dandelion root 30g

Yellowdock root 30g

Goldthread root and leaf 7g

Cleavers 13g

Enhance liver function and correct feelings of being “swollen”, sluggish

Sarsaparilla 30g

Wild Sarsaparilla 30g

Dwarf Ginseng (fresh) 30g

Dandelion root 30g

Overall hormone and adrenal tonic; reawakens, counteracts fatigue