Apigenin and breast cancer

The flavone apigenin, common in many members of the Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), has been shown in a recent study to have marked and positive impact on human breast cancer. These findings, coupled with previous research on apigenin's good oral bioavailability from crude plant preparations, builds on previous evidence for the beneficial role of such humble foods as common Parsley in supporting sometimes difficult conditions like cancer.
One note: the dose of Parsley should be relatively high - up to 2g of "blanched" Parsley per kg of body weight on a daily basis. This comes out to about 140g for an averabe 150lb human, which is quite a bit. But combined with soups, veggie stir-fries, and steamed greens, such a dose can be easily achieved. And it reduces the need for added salt, while providing lots of dietary potassium.

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