Love, Fertility and Reproductive Health

The traditional strategies for enhancing libido and improving lovemaking usually involve two components: stimulate circulation and good blood flow to the erogenous zones of the body, and relax the mind so it can shed the cares of the day. Many of the traditional aphrodisiac plants hit either one or both of these bases!

For a really healthy love life, consider a shared exercise program as well. Men who exercise regularly have much lower incidence of erectile dysfunction – and the same goes for women whose libido may be suffering.

Finally, if fertility for men or women is an issue, consider adding some simple and safe herbal adaptogens with affinity to the reproductive organs into your daily habits. Shatavari for women, rich in plant estrogens, can support healthy ovulation and encourage conception. And Maca for men can increase sperm counts and motility. Taken daily, these plants can make a difference if part of a comprehensive fertility protocol.

Aphrodisiac “Bliss Balls” Recipe:

Mix together:

1 ½ cup almond butter

1 cup honey

Blend together and slowly add to the honey/butter mix:

2 cups cacao powder

2TBS Ashwagandha root powder

4TBS Maca root powder

2TBS Muira Puama bark powder

2TBS Shatavari root powder

Roll into balls about 2 inches in diameter. You can then dust them in cocoa powder or roll them in dried shredded coconut or dehydrated crushed raspberries

Valentine's Hot Cocoa

Prepare an infusion (tea) with:

About 1 teaspoon of Damiana leaves

About 1 teaspoon of crushed Rose petals

A trace of Cayenne if desired

Steep for about 5 minutes, then strain. Add:

1 TBS Cocoa powder

1 teaspoon (or more to taste) of Honey

Stir well and enjoy warm!

The above amounts are for 1 cup. Scale up for multiple cups.

Maca, Lepidium meyenii

The root of this perennial plant comes to us from the Andes of South America, where its extremely nutritious tuberous taproot serves as a food and general tonic. Recently, it has gained a reputation as an aphrodisiac for men and women, enhancing circulation, improving the quality of spermatic fluid, and positively affecting the central nervous system with its relaxing yet invigorating qualities.

Muira puama, Ptychopetalum spp.

Also known as “potency wood”, the bark of this Amazonian shrub has a stimulant and aphrodisiac quality, which increases circulation and enhances libido in both sexes.

Shatavari, Asparagus racemosus

The root of this cousin of garden Asparagus comes to us from the Indian subcontinent. It is juicy and demulcent in quality, increasing lubrication and quality of sexual fluids for men and women, though it’s traditionally thought of as a woman’s herb. It is also known as “she of a hundred lovers”, but its powers are not limited to improved sexual function: it also functions as an adaptogen, lessening the effects of stress and tension on the human system.

Ashwagandha, Withania somniferum

Another plant from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition, this root of the nightshade family is also known as “horse root”, a reference to stamina and perhaps to sexual function as well. It is another excellent adaptogen that leaves the system more resistant to stressors of many types, though it has a specific affinity to help those who are having trouble relaxing into sleep or lovemaking.

Cacao, Theobroma cacao

Theobroma means “food of the gods”, and chocolate fits the bill more than anything else on earth. Its uplifting and gently stimulating quaility is due to a precise cocktail of alkaloids that bring about a gentle euphoria and relaxation. Additionally, it enhances circulation and protects the cardiovascular system, increasing blood flow to the sexual organs while it enlivens and thrills the mind. Plus, with a little sweetness, it’s delicious!

Damiana, Turnera diffusa

Another herb from that magical cradle of power in Central America, Damiana has a totally unique flavor that is minty, spicy, and slightly bitter. It invigorates the circulation and improves sexual function while lessening the effects of the anxieties and tensions of the day.