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I've written a couple of books; you can find links and more information below. Also, I am lucky to be able to travel to some great events and conferences, meet up with herbalists who are doing incredible things all over the world, and learn more and more about how plants, working through people and our diverse ecologies, help knit life together.

I work and teach at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, a non-profit community herb school and clinic I co-founded. We learn about wild plants together everyday, and provide them (often free of charge) to those in need.
I am also proud to be a part of the team at Urban Moonshine, where we process aromatic, bitter and tonic plants into amazing remedies to make life better and more joyful.
I practice herbal medicine at the Burlington Herbal Clinic, part of a reconverted warehouse complex in the industrial South End of Burlington, Vermont.

Look here for information on future events, or follow me via @herbalist.

Rewild yourself! The science, stories and traditions behind three important classes of plants: the aromatics, the bitters, and the tonics (both sweet and sour) 

Rewild yourself and have a cocktail! A materia medica of 100 plants, and over 50 recipes on how to blend them for yourself, friends, and family. Tricking people into becoming herbalists one drink (or spritzer) at a time.

12/4-6, 2016: Soil and Nutrition Conference, Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA. I'll be hosting workshops on using our senses to gauge the quality of medicinal plants, and speaking on the interconnected, biodiverse life: plants, people, farm, ecology.

12/10, 2016: Phoenix Books author event for DIY Bitters. Jovial and I will both be at our local Burlington, VT independent bookstore to taste samples, hang out, and sign books. Please come visit if you're around, and support your local retailers. These guys really are amazing!

2/24-2/26, 2017: Florida Herbal Conference, Lake Wales, FL. Honored to be a keynote speaker,  and excited to be a part of this amazing conference! I'll be focused on the power of the herbal community in the face of a diversity of challenges, raising our voices for social justice, and protecting our decentralized, wild ways.

Here are some videos from around the web. I'm speaking about folklore, the relationship between people and plants, and how interwoven we are with nature.

Mountain Rose Herbs herbal folklore series:






Plant deficiency syndrome, a talk at the Nourish Vermont conference in 2016:

Our Health, keynote presentation at the NOFA-VT winter 2016 conference (organic agriculture):

Audio interview through Learning Herbs: Wild Medicine Solution
(opens a SoundCloud window)

A presentation on The Wild Medicine Solution in 2013:

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