Cordyceps video

Best wishes for a happy New Light and New Year to everyone!
I'd like to share an amazing video of the Cordyceps fungus (many different species are shown) parasitizing an ant. The time-lapse effect is incredible, and gave me a very visceral connection to these mushrooms I often use and recommend for their ability to enhance life, energy, and stamina in human beings. As always, many sides to every story and many strands in the ecological web.
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Cannabinoids may modulate the spread of cancer cells

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of enzymes that are involved in many physiological processes, helping to balance inflammatory signals; regulate cell growth, division, death, and cleanup; and model new tissues and blood vessels. They seem to play a central role in tumor metastasis and survival in many cases.
New research out of Germany looks at the role of anandamide and THC in reducing the invasiveness of cervical cancer cells, and seems to indicate that invasion is reduced through the cannabinoids' inhibitory effect on MMPs. The results look promising, even though they are still in vitro, and give us another insight into the immune- and inflammation-regulating power of Cannabis in the human physiology.