Pharmaceuticals in tap water

An investigation by the Associated Press reveals some disturbing facts about the presence of a variety of medications in the public water supply of at least 41 million Americans. Major metropolitan areas were sampled along with representative rural communities from all 50 states.
The array of pharmaceuticals includes seizure medications, antibiotics, mood stabilizers, steroids and other hormones, and more. While it may be in the best interest (of someone) to over-medicate the American psyche with antidepressants and muscle relaxants, it is of immediate concern to see high levels of antibiotics entering the environment and registering appreciable quantities in water. It is no wonder antibiotic resistance is so prevalent amongst pathogenic bacteria.


Gabe. said...

Thats some scary stuff, huh?

Guido Mase' said...

Don't be scared. Have a glass of water, you'll feel fine in just a moment.