Black Cohosh beats Prozac for hot flashes

After lots of back-and-forth concerning Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa) and its effects on the hot flashes associated with peri-menopause, we have a study that examines 120 women over the course of 6 months. They were given either Black Cohosh extract, or a nice dose of Prozac.
While both treatments were effective, the herbal extract was much better at reducing hot flashes and improving subjective quality of life. Prozac didn't fare as well -- though it did seem to have a positive impact on subjective markers of depression.
I hope this study will continue to add to the positive evidence for the use of this excellent herb in managing peri-menopausal symptoms. Of course, I haven't heard anything about this in the mainstream news -- they much prefer poorly designed studies that show negative results -- but if good research keeps coming out validating Black Cohosh, that may change.

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