Red Reishi - safety update

Ganoderma lucidum, the Red Reishi shelf mushroom, and its closely allied species Ganoderma tsugae (native to the Northeast U.S.), are some of my favorites for rebalancing immune function and harmonizing liver metabolism. Excellent for allergies, autoimmune conditions, and cancer, this mushroom has always enjoyed a traditional reputation for safety. Now, a small in-vivo trial published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine confirms its general safety by looking at markers of immunity and inflammation in healthy subjects receiving 2 grams of Reishi extract twice a day for ten days. Perfectly safe, are the conclusions.
I use a double-extraction process for most medicinal mushrooms, in order to obtain both the alcohol-soluble phenolic compounds and the more traditional water-soluble polysaccharides. With the addition of a little gylcerin in the menstruum, the extract stays well-emulsified and isn't quite so bitter.

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