Sweet Violets

Spring advances, and flowers are blooming everywhere! Herbalists' lawns tend to look a bit messier than average this time of year (I'm still letting the dandelion greens grow, too) - but how can you mow down these beauties??


Unknown said...

Do you actually eat those dandelion greens?

Guido Mase' said...

Dandelion greens are quite bitter if you harvest them in July, but this time of year they're not so bad. And they're really good for you regardless of when you harvest them! Spring rosettes of tiny leaves can get dressed with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper for a tasty salad (I remember zia Rita collecting them every spring). The leaf is loaded with potassium, and acts as a mild diuretic and depurative. I eat some, and dry the rest for tea and tincture.

Unknown said...

Yes, there are those who will opt for the bitter and the zingy. Can they be served with a dark chocolate sauce?