An update from Vermont

Well, it's the third time this spring that I've seen the snow melt from the gardens, and I'm hoping this time it's for good! A remarkable April has given the daffodils a bit of pause - but I know they're hardy and a little white stuff won't hurt them at all. Up here, the woods and fields know better than to burst into flower at the first signs of warmth -- so we are a bit luckier than folks in the rest of the country who have seen damaging frosts and snows that virtually eliminated crops of almonds, peaches, apples, pears and other fruits that rely on early spring blossoms.
In the warmth of my greenhouse, the last few days have been the perfect time to start a second round of herb seeds for the beds that were under cover-crop last season. Some highlights: Ashwagandha, Stevia, Arnica chamissonis, Spilanthes, Tulsi, various Datura species, Belladonna. These will hopefully find happy homes alongside the standbys like Echinacea and Calendula. Many others (mostly self-seeders like the poppies) are already beginning to grow stronger as the sun hits the garden beds. And last night, a beautiful and meditative end to the day, as the moon's new crescent reaffirmed the tide of growth that is sweeping over these ancient hills. Winter's great -- but so is Spring! Green growth, here we come!

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